TR Retreat 2019 - ABOUT US


Lynn Vullings

Back in 2016 I decided to do a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. This training was extremely marketed as a space where real ‘sisterhood’ was shared, high spiritual goals where reached, revolutionary ideas arose, groundbreaking openings shook the foundation of life and the divine feminine was awaked. You can imagine the high expectations I had.
And yes, things got shaken and stirred there in Costa Rica. But oh boy, not the way I ever wished it did. What happened was that I totally crossed my own borders and what was left was me feeling unsafe, unseen and a total misfit in the group. First I thought it was because of me being the only Dutch person, more down to earth and less dramatic. Or of me not being as expressional or sharing as the others.
But truth is - The space was not held for me. It took me some time to acknowledge that. I felt I failed. I failed to fit in. I failed to share. I failed to reach all those goals that where promoted. But what I REALLY felt was a façade. What I really felt was a game. A game I didn’t want to play. I was playing the game of someone’s Ego driven intention to BE something and demonstrate that to the world. This all in the name of ‘bringing more light into the world’. To empower women.
What it has really taught me – and for that I am forever grateful – is to recognize this ego driven spiritual game of fame. It guided me in bringing these women together for the Todays Rituals retreat. One by one they have changed my life – just by being who they are and sharing their great gifts with me.
I started Today’s Rituals with Ilona in the year of 2015 and we traveled across Holland, visiting festivals to introduce rituality to a bigger audience. We also organized Full moon gatherings and designed rituals for companies and organizations. It was well received but we also felt people in holland were not totally ready for it. Ilona and I both went our own way, traveling and living life. Now we are both based in Holland again we felt we wanted to bring Todays Rituals back to life in the shape of a retreat.
We wont make any promises to you. We won’t heal you. We won’t teach you. We won’t change you. We WILL let you be. We WILL give you space. We WILL provide a full program with ceremonies and sessions from our heart. And I promise, we WILL hold space for you.

My roles in the retreat are organizer, connector and designer.

Hope to see you in Bali!  


Eva Aourah

Blessed with Dutch-Indonesian Roots, based in Bali, Eva travels the world as a Yoga, Sound & Subtle Energy Healing Facilitator. She designs Retreats, Ritual Journeys, Nature Immersions & Products that inspire to connect with the elements of the Earth, our Vital Energy, Essence and True Nature.

Eva creates a save space of deep listening to unravel and reveal the radiant self, the ever present source of being that pulses in the centre of our personal present awareness & appearance. Her offerings provide a profound & consecrated container to activate healing processes and to explore & catalyze personal transformation.

It is her experience that when we are in harmony and balance within ourselves, this naturally extends to and benefits our immediate surrounding & relationships.

“My role in this Retreat is that of Ritual facilitator, main curator and coordinator of our journey in Bali. Bali has been my home for the past 5 years and all the places we will visit during the retreat are a personal favorite & have been portals of deep initiation for me in my life. I feel honoured and look forward to introducing you to this precious peace of planet & some of its temple gate keepers. I will also facilitate part of the rituals, yoga, dance, vocal, breath and sound practices during the retreat, including a very special Blue Lotus Ceremonial Tea experience. It is a Joy to create ‘Return to the Temple’ together with Lynn & Ilona: such beautiful, sincere, talented & professional souls who deliver amazing work in the whirled and bridge the ‘ spiritual’ to the practical & everyday with their enterprise Today’s Rituals.” "I very much look forward to sharing this retreat experience with you and have you share your unique gifts and magic in the Alchemy of our gathering should you decide to join us!"

Eva xoxo


Diana Bolo

Saying “yoga”, we often see a room packed with people in elastic leggings stretching all parts of their bodies pressing themselves to a maximum in order to get the results of their regular practice. For me, “yoga” stands for life. Yoga saved me when I felt broken hearted.

And…Through Yoga I met Lynn who came up with the magical idea of organizing a women’s retreat, where I will be offering yoga classes.

I am excited to create a save place for women to connect, as I believe our world needs women to unite. Yoga will bring us together on the mats, all equal. The movements will help us open our heart and nourish our soul.

I will be practicing different yoga styles, from ashtanga to yin yoga, and introduce you to your inner voice by using our own sound as a way to come into meditation.

With love Diana


Ilona Baggerman

I am organizing the retreat Today’s Rituals 2019 to create a space for people to experience new ways to be. Five years ago I graduated with a master ritual science in where I have been analyzing and studying rituals and religious behavior. There are many reasons and many conclusions to recall in why people experiencing enlightenment, their true self or say ‘God’. It is definitely interesting, but too much thinking and ‘working’ on finding the answers is also holding us back from finding that what we are looking for.

That’s why I believe leisure is so important. When we take time to breath and experience life just the way it comes to us, step out of conventions and daily life, we get the opportunity to feel and see things from another angle. Mix that with practicing ancient rituals known for their mysterious powers and we have a powerful tool to get in touch with that what is too hard to ‘know’ anyway.

I am exited to welcome you!