Today’s Rituals

For more then 2000 years across the entire continent of Asia and beyond, temple dancers dedicated their lives to cultivating and channeling the sacred feminine, the inner power through dance, rituals and healing. Those times in where temple dancers played a role in society are now not existing anymore.

The Today’s Rituals retreat is an invite to return to the temple. It is a call to arms for women to rise up and
“re-member” our immense power as women. Do you feel the calling?


We are Inspired by temple arts. Sacred Dance, dance is our medicine

it is our responsibility to dance
to embody the essence of our true divinity
in our souls we are all dancers
healers singers and creators
we all have something powerful to say
to give


 We as western Women are considered to be free, but the more we explore our feminine core the more we experience a deeply conditioned ignorance to give space to our subtle sounds and intuitive power. By trying to succeed in western society, we sometimes spent our lives ‘making it’ in a man’s world. And there is not much space for feelings and cycles. Resulting in us being more ‘masculine’ than feminine, drawn far into intellectualism, work or inertia. Because that is the safest place to be.

But things are changing, we are getting glimpses of feelings. We start to recognize an inner voice telling us that this way of being is no longer sustainable. We are experiencing a global shift which mystics through the ages have predicted: the return of the mother and the rise of the sacred feminine.


 In this retreat we will especially focus on making contact with our physical side. Observing our thoughts and inner feelings, and create space for flow, real connections with ourselves, others and the planet. By inviting you to the temple we encourage you to start listening to your inner voice and live by the cyclic nature of your body.We will explore this feminine essence by introducing:

  • sacred art of setting intentions

  • conscious dance movements

  • yoga

  • breath work

  • sound-healing

  • alternative forms of bodywork.

  • writing

  • ancient rituals

Daily planning:
yoga or dance meditation
LiveJournal / setting intentions/free time
music / sharing / free time


Return to the temple is a call for all women who want to explore the deeper depths of her being. Who is curious and want to know what all the fuzz around ‘awaken the divine feminine’ is about. For women who want to nourish her need to slow down, unwind and just be.

More concrete: Do you experience high pressure at work? Do you feel like you are running towards something, without ever getting ‘there’? Do you find it hard to find balance between work and private life? Don’t have enough time for leisure, yourself or spending time with kids? Do you have a natural interest in self development, ancient wisdom and/or spirituality but just never had to time to invest in these interests? Then this retreat might be something for you….


 Do you have kids? Is your heart longing to make beautiful memories with your children as well as nurturing your soul deeply? We believe nobody needs to sacrifice personal growth or intimate relationship with selfs for time with our family.

This is why we give the option to bring your child(ren) to the retreat. We even scheduled special time to spend with our child(ren), if that’s the case. Besides that we provide a special program for the little ones, full of learning and fun. Age 3 - 10.


 The retreat centre is locates in Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali. Expect a space that is inspired by organic shapes, that uses natural materials, has a raw but luxurious feel and is a mix between balinese and modern style.

The centre has everything you need to wind down. Located inside a heavily garden over 7000m2 the centre has a luxurious pool, an organic restaurant and garden and a holistic spa and yoga.

Every bedroom is built in a traditional balinese theme with an unique architecture and their own private terrace with direct acces to the garden and pool. Each room is decorated in a different colour and possesses bespoke decorations and paintings. During your stay in one of these rooms you will comfortably indulge in a traditional Balinese experience.

Each room accommodates up to 2 people, equipped with 1 double bed and 1 bathroom with bathtub. We are able to add extra beds on request for family members.

Choose your room:

Private room: €1750
Shared room (2): €1450
Shared room (4): €1150
Bring your child: +450 (always in combination with a private room)

  •  Nurturing and selfcare is key in our Today’s Rituals Retreat

  • 7 days in luxurious eco retreat centre located in a natural, holistic and lush environment

  • 7 times breakfast lunch & dinner. Expect healthy, vibrant meals. We strive for the right balance of nutrition and deliciousness, with organic veggies from the garden.

  • Daily guided yoga/dance meditation sessions

  • Daily guided yoga of sound and chanting sessions

  • Ceremonial tea sessions

  • Healing soundbath evening

  • Women circles

  • Empowering and powerful rituals - we give tools to create simple but powerful rituals to integrate into your daily life at home

  • Powerful bodywork sessions

  • Excursion watertemple

  • 1 treatday at the spa (massage/beauty treatment/flowerbath)

  • Free time

  • Quality time with loves ones


 Woohoo! We are so happy to have you with us. We can’t wait to create a magical week full of warm connections, meaningful rituals, relaxing massages, powerful yoga and ecstatic dances!


Are you not sure if the retreat is something for you? Would you like to get more clarity on the booking details? Or would you like to get a feeling of who your hosts are with a chat? We totally understand that.That is why we encourage you to plan a skype call with of us.